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Posted in Encouragements and Inspirations by chummie In these generation of technology how do we, as SDA youth respond to the overwhelming surge of social media trends? Do we shun away from them completely or we go with the flow? Has our light lost its ability shine in a world so dark? I stumbled upon this article a few weeks ago. And I would like to share this to all of you. You can find the whole article here. Social media is everywhere today. There are many advantages to social media:

So you think you can date?

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Battle of Karbala, Brooklyn Museum Husayn, Ali’s younger son and brother to Hasan, initially resisted calls to lead the Muslims against Muawiyah and reclaim the caliphate. Yazid asked Husayn to swear allegiance bay’ah to him. Ali’s faction, having expected the caliphate to return to Ali’s line upon Muawiyah’s death, saw this as a betrayal of the peace treaty and so Husayn rejected this request for allegiance.

There was a groundswell of support in Kufa for Husayn to return there and take his position as caliph and imam, so Husayn collected his family and followers in Medina and set off for Kufa. En route to Kufa, he was blocked by an army of Yazid’s men which included people from Kufa near Karbala modern Iraq , and Husayn and approximately 72 of his family and followers were killed in the Battle of Karbala. They view Husayn as the defender of Islam from annihilation at the hands of Yazid I.

Husayn is the last imam following Ali whom all Shiah sub-branches mutually recognize. Imamate of the Ahl al-Bayt[ edit ] Main article:

The Value of Youth to the Cause of God

The average teen has at least online and face-to-face friends they can reach with the gospel. Many Christian teens attend public schools which provides them a daily context for relational evangelism. Young people are driven by a cause and making disciples is the ultimate one. Ministry to the youth is very crucial in the church. Majority of Hungry Generation is young people. I want to share three most important things to have in youth ministry.

Once upon a time, a mean old mountaineer fell sick and died. There were no funeral directors back in the hills then, and embalming was not yet practiced. So the widow and family dressed the body and placed it in the coffin. As the deceased was being carried from the house, one pallbearer stumbled, causing the coffin to crash into a gatepost.

God refers every slothful, and indolent believer to learn hard work and industry from ants. If ants can achieve so much without supervision, we should achieve much more with supervision. One lesson from the ants is that they know then to work and when to rest. Ants gather their food in summer. Their is a right time to labour.

If your time is well utilized, your youth would be spent in laying a solid foundation for the future. During this period, you will go through school to at last a degree level. It is even better to end up with a Master or Doctorate. Thereafter, you can either get a job or create one for your self.

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Fervr interviews regular contributor Alex Greaves for his thoughts on Christians, dating, and sexual purity. Alex, what does the Bible say about dating? Okay, does the Bible say anything that might impact Christians when they begin thinking about dating and sexual purity?

Live sermons youth jan 24 to the christian courtship is the bible, lead them. m going to help motivate and volunteer. Want someone who love is still dating until at christian relationships. Why is talking empowering youth, relationships as i meant was young person can’t find is there are meeting men vs. Become evenly yoked, educational.

Antiquity[ edit ] Sarcophagus dated c. Its predecessor the clepsydra , or water clock , may have been invented in ancient India. Jerome AD , and the first representation of an hourglass is in a sarcophagus dated c. The written records about it were mostly from logbooks of European ships. The earliest recorded reference that can be said with certainty to refer to a marine sandglass dates from c. Item, For four horologes of the same sort ” de eadem secta ” , bought there, price of each five gross’, making in sterling 3s.

Unlike the clepsydra, the motion of the ship while sailing did not affect the hourglass. The fact that the hourglass also used granular materials instead of liquids gave it more accurate measurements, as the clepsydra was prone to get condensation inside it during temperature changes. As the use of mechanical clocks to indicate the times of events like church services became more common, creating a “need to keep track of time”, the demand for time-measuring devices increased.

Hourglasses were essentially inexpensive, as they required no rare technology to make and their contents were not hard to come by, and as the manufacturing of these instruments became more common, their uses became more practical. The smaller models were more practical and very popular as they made timing more discreet.

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Is it OK for a girl to ask a guy out? The pencil is a sign of intelligent life. Is it OK to make the first move? Jesus gave value to women in a culture where they were considered as property. He elevated women and empowered women to spread the Gospel, while also pursuing them.

Singles and those dating have been warned to desist from engaging in sexual activities as it may have dire consequences in future. With pre-marital sex being the norm for many couples lately, the Youth Director of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle David Nyansah Hayfron, has cautioned persons in relationships not to engage in the act until they are married.

Bob is married to Debbie, and they have one daughter, Hannah a Baylor graduate. He is totally awesome at guitar, golf, and skiing. He is also the Director of SonDays Camp, supervises interns for the Baylor Religion department, on the board of directors for several ministries, and has written curriculum, articles, and devotional materials for various publications.

Bob is also a licensed motor vehicle operator in the state of Texas and drives a truck. He grew up in Lockhart where he claims the best barbeque in the world resides. He loves his Baylor Bears but not as much as speaking to his middle school students every Wednesday night. Mark loves to play golf with his dad, because he is the kind of golfer only a father could love. You could say his two real passions are missions and working in a most excellent way with junior high critters. He helps write skits with lots of dancing and hilarious hijinks and leads the 10th grade boys in each Sunday night.

He started going to Woodway as a youth in and has loved every second of it since. Bryan is a senior accounting major and corporate communications minor at Baylor.

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Two related questions 1. What do the Scriptures say about a believer living with someone of the opposite sex when they are just friends? What do the Scriptures say about a believer living with someone of the opposite sex if they are boyfriend and girlfirend? What about if they feel it is necessary for financial reasons? Although, the Bible does not specifically state it is wrong for an adult man and adult woman who are unrelated to live together, it condemns sexual intimacy before marriage and it reveals that God has only one plan for a man and woman living together — marriage.

Nowadays, it would be very hard for a Christian to marry someone without dating him/her first, so I’d say that Christians are free to date, but they should do it biblically, dating the right person at the right time, and staying pure throughout the process.

This lesson will make you aware of both the benefits and dangers of dating, and help you to develop a Scriptural set of dating standards. When you are aware of both the benefits and dangers of dating, When you have personally worked out from Scriptures a set of dating standards, When you have purposed that you will not lower these standards, even if it means losing dates. Group dating is several couples getting together. First-time dates are usually group dates.

Picnics, skating parties, school functions, and church socials are ideal for first dates. You are more at ease, and you do not have to carry the conversation. A natural follow-up to group dating is going out with another couple.

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Godly Relationships Philemon Related Media Once upon a time, a mean old mountaineer fell sick and died. There were no funeral directors back in the hills then, and embalming was not yet practiced. So the widow and family dressed the body and placed it in the coffin. As the deceased was being carried from the house, one pallbearer stumbled, causing the coffin to crash into a gatepost.

Find helpful resources for Christian youth groups in your church at Youth pastors and leaders will find FREE Christian resources for your Christian youth ministry, and worshiping at.

By Wayne Jackson Which is the most difficult era of human life? It probably depends upon where you are as to how you might answer that query. Youth is a frustrating time in life. It is that period when one is hardly old enough to be on his own, and yet he is feeling a sense of independence. Youth ever are attempting to find some sense of identity; that is why they sometimes act and dress so weird. But then, so were we.

The Scriptures represent youth as a time both of danger and challenge. By way of contrast, though, the Creator also recognizes the value of youth to the divine cause. Youngsters have energy, they are daring, their hearts are filled with visions of the future.

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Girls start wearing purity rings, while guys install software on their computers to protect against pornography. Despite this crusade for purity, though, statistics show that a great many of those same kids will fail miserably in the area that they were trying to succeed in. Personally, I have been through a youth group that was very similar. In response to the messages, we decided to strive for purity—setting up accountability, installing software, reading books, shielding our eyes, refusing to wear bikinis, etc.

This time in the youth group, along with being a leader within a youth group, has shown me some important things that should be taught regarding purity. Here are 5 things Youth Pastors should teach on Purity.

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He points to Japan as being number one in the world with respect to health and then discusses the close social, cultural, and traditional ties in that country as the reason. He believes that the more social ties, the better the health and the lower the death rate. Conversely, he indicates that the more isolated the person, the poorer the health and the higher the death rate.

Social ties are good preventative medicine for physical problems and for mental-emotional-behavior problems. If you think your family has problems, consider the marriage mayhem created when year-old Bill Baker of London recently wed Edna Harvey. She happened to be his granddaughter’s husband’s mother. That’s where the confusion began, according to Baker’s granddaughter, Lynn.

My grandfather is now my stepfather-in-law. My mom is my sister-in-law and my brother is my nephew. But even crazier is that I’m now married to my uncle and my own children are my cousins.

Is Living Together Outside of Marriage Wrong?

We all enjoy receiving gifts at Christmas. But the greatest gifts we can receive are not from rich uncles, but from God. He made us; He alone knows what we all need most. As a loving God, He is ready to give us the best gifts. But He does not give His gifts indiscriminately. Both in the Bible and in our experience we see that some receive the blessings God offers while others go away with nothing.

Youth Groups often have rules of modesty: no short clothing, only wear one-piece swimsuits on beach days, and sometimes even no dating within the youth group. Rules are important for groups. Obviously it’s not the best idea to allow girls to enter into your group half-naked, or guys to be strutting off their want-to-be muscles with no shirt on.

And it makes sense, since so many of us experience dating by stumbling into it. So is there really some kind of line, some kind of initiation moment that tells us now is the time to start pursuing a relationship? At school, there was pressure everywhere to not only date, but date as many people as possible, and be up on the latest news on who was with who.

At church, my youth pastor had a pretty strong anti-dating stance that he communicated almost constantly to our group: I remember when I was still in middle school, he had all the upperclassmen in our group read through I Kissed Dating Goodbye in an effort to steer boys and girls away from each other. Therefore, why start dating before that potential is even possible? Date s ophomore and junior year. Get engaged senior year. Get married after you graduate. In fact the question of restriction is really the wrong question.

“Crush” Part 2 – “Dating” – Matt Woodward