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Report Story Who meets Kiko first????????????????? Isn’t it a bit ironic that all okay almost the girls being linked to GD seems to be close with CL?? First is with Wonder Girls’ Sohee, way back before 2ne1 debuted, there was a rumor about heedragon and their so-called closeness because of their collaboration. After 2ne1 debuted, it was a shocking news to everyone that CL became a JYP trainee and that she is close to Sohee her being the latter’s roommate and stuff , Cl almost debuted before as a solo artist and we can see back then her skin ship with GD. Would it be like GD became civil to Sohee because she is Cl’s good friend??? Next is with Sandara Park, okay let us all give a credit to Daragon’s shippers bacause of their so-called evidences, and Dara is the ultimate rival of Cl for GD when it comes to Fanfictions.. Isn’t a bit ironic that in real life, if the three of them will be involve in a serious triangle, it was not GD who will be place in between?? Cl is Dara’s wifey in the eyes of BlackJacks and we know how possessive she is when it comes to CL, but when Jiyong comes in the picture, she backs off and let them be place or sit together.. And last is for Kiko, Isn’t a bit weird that after being a skydragon shippers for 3 years, we only know now the connection between Kiko and CL??

all about skydragon(GD CL love)

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CL was placed in 2NE1 as the leader and main rapper, alongside Bom, Minzy, and Dara. Solo Activities In August , CL collaborated with label-mates G-Dragon and Teddy Park of 1TYM for “The Leaders”, on G-Dragon’s first solo album, Heartbreaker.

September 20, Netizens conclude that the dating rumors between G-Dragon and Komatsu Nana are true by digging up new evidence of their secret love. Among his interesting posts, netizens were quick to point out one thing: So it quite apparently seems that the global hallyu star has been dating none other than the beautiful, Komatsu Nana. Komatsu Nana is an up and coming Japanese model who has done some amazing work so far in her career.

Once all of the supposed evidences were compiled, the netizens have decided that the two are indeed a couple. Take look at the new evidences yourself and decide: The idol had uploaded pictures with Nana, as well as various couple shots. The two had allegedly met and gotten close for the first time through their lover-themed photoshoot. And the two were seen often at public parties as close companions after that! She even went on to write how his ending kiss had stolen her heart.

They somehow found photos that no one would have ever expected, and examined it to discover even traces of photoshop in them. The Couple Item Along with everything, the netizens were also able to dig up past photos from the two wearing the same bracelet at different times.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon addresses his dating rumors

Sunday, November 22, what is real? It has been months since 2ne1 debuted. And it wasn’t a secret that g-dragon is really supportive of them and they are extremely close. But because of this closeness a lot of people are trying to dig if G-dragon is dating one of them. So which of these ships are true? But come to think of it.

2NE1 is a four-member South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment in , the group comprising of 4 members; CL, Dara, Park Bom and Minzy. This book contains of 2NE1’s quotes, facts and song lyrics! ♡ 2NE1 x Blackjacks.

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[UPDATED]Ailee Pre-Debut Nude Pictures Leaked! YMC Entertainment Statement!

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Artikel utama untuk bagian ini adalah: Big Bang grup musik Penampilan pertama Taeyang dalam industri hiburan adalah dengan keikutsertaannya dalam video musik grup hip-hop Jinusean yang berjudul “A-yo”. Kemudian mereka digabungkan dengan empat orang trainee lainnya yaitu T. Pembentukan grup ini didokumentasikan di televisi sebagai suatu acara dokumenter.

Dengan memilih nama panggung Taeyang Hangul: Geojitmal pada tahun dari album mini Always yang menduduki puncak beberapa tangga lagu setelah dirilis. Singel “Last Farewell” Hangul: Haru Haru dari album Stand Up juga berada di puncak tangga lagu. Awal karier solo[ sunting sunting sumber ] Setelah berkontribusi dalam album Lexy , Taeyang dijadwalkan untuk merilis sebuah album solo. Awalnya dijadwalkan untuk rilis bulan September, namun proyek ini diundur karena jadwal yang bertentangan dengan grupnya.

Ia kemudian menyatakan bahwa ia akan melakukannya pada masa mendatang untuk sepenuhnya mengekspresikan dan memasukkan ide dan pikirannya ke dalam musiknya. Singel kedua adalah “Prayer Hangul:

Skrillex, Diplo, CL, and G-Dragon Collaboration Confirmed During Reddit AMA

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G-Dragon Net Worth

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August 18, Position: Leader, Rapper, Composer, Producer G dragon first trained for SM entertainment at the age of 8, by the age of 12 he decided to transfer to YG entertainment hoping for a good break. G dragon has an older sister named Kwon Dami. Kwon Dami is a fashion designer and owner of an online shop called “Style-Luv” He debuted with fellow Bigbang members at the age of 18 His favorite color is yellow.

He once broke his front tooth during a concert when he accidentally hit it with a mic. He has the habit of biting his nails when he’s nervous. He was the most organized and neat freak in bigbang. When he was young His mom used to drag him to ballet classes where he was forced to wear the same pink thighs the other girls are wearing, He cries a lot because of embarrassment. But later on ended up by her picking T. P G dragon finishes the song “Look at me Gwisoon” and gave it to Daesung as a birthday gift.

G dragon was known to be the most sensitive when it comes to practicing and recording. He was known to keeping bigbang for hours inside the recording studio until a song gets perfected. His father is his number 1 speed dial.

A$AP Rocky gets interviewed by CL and takes picture with G-Dragon

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Romanization Korean Translation; baby baby geudaeneun Caramel Macchiato yeojeonhi nae ipgaen geudae hyanggi dalkomhae baby baby tonight. Girl na debwihaesseo.

The post features a dark image of what appears to be the singer, with a confusing message written on top. The post comes against continued success for G-Dragon, as well as Big Bang. While Big Bang remains a top Kpop group, rapper G-Dragon has parlayed that success into successful deals with mega-brands like Nike and Airbnb. But that success comes with a glaring spotlight and immense pressure. Kpop stardom imposes intense scheduling demands and major privacy issues, while compromising the ability conduct normal interpersonal relationships.

Just recently, dating rumors surrounded 2NE1 singer Sandara Park, with massive attention focused on the potential affair. The resulting high alert is no accident, with South Korea claiming one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

G-Dragon says he “will get married soon” on Entertainment Weekly

Saat grup tersebut gagal menarik perhatian publik, Yang Hyun-suk mengalihkan fokusnya ke duo Jinusean dan pada tahun , ia mendebutkan 1TYM. Keduanya sukses membawa YG Entertainment dan aliran musik hip hop masuk ke dalam arus utama musik Korea. Pada tahun , album kedua YG Family dirilis dengan ikut menampilkan G-Dragon yang saat itu berusia 13 tahun dan berstatus sebagai trainee.

Aug 29,  · BTS Hints Comeback with Photo Teaser and Clip! It seems like BTS is back every month. 2ne1 2pm 4minute a-peace A-pink After School ailee allkpop B.A.P. b1a4 b2st bap beast big bang Birthday block b btob bts challenge CL comeback daehyun dating dongwoo entertainment EXO Exo-k exo-m f(x) G-dragon Girls day girls generation himchan.

Early life and debut with Big Bang[ edit ] Main article: Although he vowed to his mother that he “wouldn’t [try to become a singer] again,” he was scouted by SM Entertainment while on a ski trip with his family. Inspired by their music, he developed an interest in rapping and began taking classes. Although he wrote his own lyrics, he admitted that his English was weak and the story behind the lyrics was just another typical “I’m young, but I’m the best” story. After signing a contract with the record label, Kwon spent the first year cleaning the studio for the other artists in the record label and fetching them water bottles during dance practice.

P , were paired with three other members Jang Hyun-seung , Daesung , and Seungri. The formation of the group was documented on television, [17] but prior to their official debut, Jang was dropped. Geojitmal , which became the group’s first number one hit. Their following EPs followed its predecessor’s footsteps:

CL (singer)

It is a cozy Friday night that is about to lead into a lazy weekend that you are so looking forward to. Thankfully, Jiyong had canceled all busy plans for tonight and tomorrow just to be with you. You are at his big beautiful house for the night and after glancing over at his wide LED plasma tv, you decide with him to watch a movie.

2NE1 is a Lady GaGa of the girl group world. Their trademark is a strange and unique fashion style characterized by swimsuit or costume l.

Sandara Park has now confirmed that the relationship is […] G dragon and sandara park dating she was talking with her friend and former ne leader cl who also performed on stage with g dragon G Dragon was seen holding Dara close to him and what appeared to even be a small kiss on the head. Sandara Park has now confirmed that the relationship is not true but went further and revealed that she has no intentions to date anyone within YG Entertainment.. Amid rumors linking her to G Dragon, Sandara Park finally addresses the issue as she stresses that she considers the member of the Korean boy band Big Bang as nothing more than a brother..

Many of the YG Family members attended the concerts and after party.. Applers, or shippers of Sandara Park and G dragon, collectively known by their ship name Daragon or Nyongdal which is a combination of their two names, thought it was sweet of Sandara to attend the concert, saying that she was. Shipping in the KPop world is a common thing for fans to do.

G-dragon and CL feelin’