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She’s said they’re “just friends,” but One Direction ‘s Niall Horan has admitted to crushing on her! So what’s really the deal? Demi chats with Seventeen to set the record straight. By Emily Laurence Aug 10, Seventeen: Even though you’ve said you and Niall Horan are friends, he called you his “dream girl. I think Niall is super, super sweet and we’ve become good friends. I get what it’s like to be in the spotlight since I’ve grown up in it. I want to introduce all the One Direction guys to the United States, but especially Niall because he hasn’t been here that much. I want to make sure he — or any of them really, I just don’t know the other guys as well — has someone to hang out with in the States.

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A young singer took part in the British version of a popular TV show The X Factor and thanks to this project he started his career and become a sex symbol of a young generation. He was born in a small provincial town of Ireland on September 13, When Niall was only five years old his parents decided to divorce.

The “AI” judge sounds off on being a mentor for the contestants finding their way on the singing competition show. Hear Lionel at the CMA Awards!

Bye” He says real quick and hangs up before you can react. You open the door to see Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam. Humm can you go meet him downstairs? He might need help bringing everything up. You get your shoes on and walk downstairs to the front doors of the appartement building. A few minutes laters you see a struggling blond haired guy trying to make his way thru the paparazzi. He walks thru the front doors with bags of Nandos.

You guys had not really spoken this past year so it was awkward right now. I got you your favorite Why would I forget my princess’s favorite meal. It was silent for the rest of the walk upstairs. You open the door and walk in the living room with Niall. You look at the boys and they are all standing up with a barner in the back riten “Intervetion”.

Niall Horan girlfriend: One Direction singer is too busy for love

She’s said they’re “just friends,” but One Direction’s Niall Horan has admitted to crushing on her! So what’s really the deal? Demi chats with Seventeen to set the record straight. Rumors of Niall’s crush on Demi will come as no surprise to die-hard After the rumors of them crushing on each other, they both have officially admitted their mutual crush and are now Skyping each other! Neither knew each other, but a series of interviews quickly got the ball rolling… Grilled about his celebrity crush in an interview, Niall quickly replied, ” Demi Lovato — she ‘ s a beautiful girl.

The One Direction lad has been left in the cold again | Niall Horan, Ariana Grande, One Direction Niall Horan just cannot catch a break. The poor lad seems to be always linked to girls, like Demi Lovato, Barbara Palvin and Freya Mavor, who then come forward and deny dating .

Their migrations are indicative of the mobility of African peoples in many parts of Africa. He is known as a pioneer of the personal computer revolution of the s and s, along with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Is demi lovato dating niall horan His parents, Bobby and Maura Horan, divorced when he was a child. He and his older brother, Greg, moved back and forth between their parents’ two households before settling in with their father.

Kenny National School, where he performed in school plays and sang in the school choir. I don’t know what’s going to happen. They both recently got out of some pretty serious relationships and it looks like they have been spending tons of times together, including doing the tour This is not the first time people think they are more than just best friends, and even though we want to believe that girl and guy friendships can happen, these two would be just too adorable as a couple.

We have rounded up other times the pair made us think there was something going on between them. Lovato briefly dated another teen popstar, Joe Jonas, in Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have sworn several times that they are just friends. But anyone with a pulse can’t deny that the two have undeniable chemistry, regardless of the fact that she dated his brother Joe Jonas some years ago. Leave a Reply Pages:

Niall Horan en couple avec Hailee Steinfeld, elle répond et met le GROS doute

December 13 How they made it – Niall Horan One Direction are currently the biggest boyband on the planet One Direction made it big on the television show The X Factor Niall Horan’s journey began as a solo artist Follow fansshare One Direction will always look back to The X Factor as their starting point on the road to stardom and each and every member have their own unique story to tell.

Niall Horan at his first X factor audition They will all be thankful to The X Factor executives and Simon Cowell for putting them together and making them the force that they are today.

That meant that Niall Horan’s whole future relied on Katy Perry. Katy said that she felt that Niall chose the wrong song, but the encouragement of the crowd made Katy Perry put Niall through. Things again took an unexpected turn and poor Niall Horan was rejected at boot camp but only as a solo singer.

Season 3 of Faking It is all about friendship and how complicated and fragile it can be. Demi lovato dating niall horan anything that says “mentions of” isn’t actually in the story, only referred to as past events Age: Whilst imprisoned, Harry meets Jamie who he becomes close to and then Zayn. Demi and Niall have been friends for a year but Niall wants more. Just as lost, just as sick and still not willing to be found. Lovato also called Horan adorable in an interview that took place earlier this year.

They were very close together, talking and whispering. It turns out trying to cope with your past is a lot harder when you’re hiding from the entire world. Harry Styles is a seventeen year old boy returning to school after a year spent in a juvenile detention centre and another seven months in rehab. Who knows — maybe he’ll even set up a hangout session with the band at another upcoming concert.

17 Girls Niall Horan Has, Quote-Unquote, Dated… Including Hailee Steinfeld!

Any of the above options are viable, so you can take your pick. First, she did an interview with Lena Dunham, which was featured in her Lenny Letter, which you can read here. Take the screen grab below where Ansel Elgort tweets asking where Zayn was. Not sure exactly why it touches my heart, but it probably has something to do with the love I have for Ansel Elgort, who currently is filming a movie in NYC and also posting daily snapchats of him and his beautiful ballerina girlfriend.

But back to Gigi, the guy who assaulted her is actually some sort of celebrity prankster. To learn more about his weird hobby, you can read this article from Cosmo.

Dec 29,  · They are not dating. Niall might be dating Selena Gomez. Is Niall Horan dating Demi Lovato? Harry Styles from One Direction? More questions. HARRY STYLES DATING A FAN? Why do people hate One Direction so much? Answer : Open.

But ask the year-old about a certain girl and it’s clear there’s a secret seriousness under his mellow Irish exterior! There’s so much gossip written about all the guys in the band. What’s the biggest misconception about you? That I have a girlfriend – I don’t have a girlfriend. People also say I’m boxy, like it looks like I haven’t been to the gym. There’s always something going around. It doesn’t bother me.

Is Selena Gomez Dating Niall Horan or Justin Bieber?

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Music One Direction Fans Think Niall, Demi Are ‘Super Good Together’ MTV News asked Directioners for dating suggestions for Niall Horan, and they unanimously voted for ‘Deniall.’.

Demi Lovato has had a troubling past with subtance abuse and mental health issues Image: Fans believed the former Disney Channel tween, 25, had finally overcome her addictions when she tweeted in March: So grateful for another year of joy, health and happiness. She said at the age of 12, children in her class signed a petition encouraging her to kill herself.

The highs and terrible lows she has experienced since culminated in her being found unconscious in her LA home by friends on Tuesday morning. No drugs are believed to have been found at her home and her spokesman attempted to dampen speculation her collapse was narcotics-related. Demi has rarely been out of the spotlight since her big break. Within two years, Demi was in rehab after falling into a drug abuse spiral at just Describing the experience, she said: I was sneaking it on planes, sneaking it in bathrooms, sneaking it through the night — nobody knew.

I was either craving drugs or on drugs. I was not easy to work with. In , she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has admitted her drug use was out of control. My dad was an addict and an alcoholic.

Niall Horan Makes Surprise Appearance at BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards!

Ibrahim Lubis on Musician On 9: Horan parents divorced when he was five. After that Horan and his brother, Greg, stay moving from his father’s house her mother’s house. After his mother remarried a man named Chris, they moved to Edgeworthstown, Longford Country. Horan then studying in Colaste Mhuire, a Christian school in Ireland.

AceShowbiz – Niall Horan quizzed Taylor Swift about her And the Irish musician admitted he took the opportunity to grill the year-old on her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn. Demi Lovato’s.

Niall Horan is three combos singer, songwriter, and guitarist star strongly known as the only Irish-born part of the boy band One Direction. His origins are named Bobby and Maura Horan. Sadly, his parents departed when he was a child. Accordingly, He and his older brother, Greg, had to adapt into two households. A post shared by Niall Horan niallhoran on Apr 22, at 3: Niall was brought up in Mullingar and joined St. There he presented in school activities and sang in the school choir.

Demi Lovato Interview On Niall Horan and Britney Spears!