Art of Manliness Sacrilege! My Year-Long Experiment With Using an Electric Razor

Share on Messenger Close A treat that I occasionally give myself is to be shaved by a barber, preferably an Italian one. It is an experience that is both luxurious and scary. The luxury is having one’s face smothered with a rich lather, which then emerges as clean and smooth as a baby’s bottom. The scare is to be at the mercy of someone with a cut-throat razor of the kind with which Sweeney Todd dispatched his victims, and to depend for one’s life on the barber’s skill and benevolence. For some reason, I find Italian barbers the most reassuring, perhaps because of the confidence and elegance they bring to their task. What especially interests me, however, is that the best shave one can possibly have is carried out with a single blade, so why do manufacturers constantly increase the number of blades on the razors they sell?

14 of the best wet shave razors for men

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My Year-Long Experiment With Using an Electric Razor The Art of Manliness has introduced thousands of men to the joys and pleasures of traditional wet shaving with a safety razor or straight razor. I get emails and letters every month from readers thanking me for turning them on to the idea of shaving like their grandpas did. The last time I had shaved with an electric razor was when I was 16 years old. That was almost 15 years ago. I remember the shave from my electric razor being poor and extremely uncomfortable.

Shaving with it was akin to holding a small rodent to my face and letting it chew off my stubble. Terrible razor burn particularly on my neck was the typical result. But last year, after shaving with a safety razor for nearly a decade, I started wondering if electric razors had gotten any better.

Did You Know That Gillette Venus Razors Feature Interchangeable Blades?

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New products, celebrity spokesmen and cool instructional videos are available on the official website. Gillette customer service works double duty because they also support callers with questions about product orders. We were surprised to find that orders are not fulfilled directly by Gillette. The company simply guides website users in the right direction so they can order from major retailers like Walmart, Walgreens and the Proctor and Gamble store.

Proctor and Gamble is the parent company of Gillette. Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience. Phone Contact Number Have a question or comment that Gillette customer service needs to address? Contact the customer service department by phone toll free. You will have to choose your country and language before entering the site.

You can simply go to http: From the site you can learn more about Gillette products and even download coupons for those products. Social Media Gillette is one of those companies that extremely active on social media because the company pushes a young, youth-inspired persona. You can connect with Gillette on Facebook and Twitter for special offers, current news and announcements about upcoming new products.

Do you actually think 4-blade or 3 blade razors are better than 2-blade razor???

Coarse facial hair What you should know: Designed for men with coarse, curly hair, this chrome-plated brass shaver flaunts a sharp edge to cut clearly at skin level without pulling or tugging your whiskers. The end result is a suave finish that forestalls ingrown hair from developing.

A look back at the Gillette Trac II razor In , Gillette introduced the world’s first multi-blade razor system to the North American market: the Gillette Trac II Twin Blade shaving system. It consisted of 2 blades placed closely together in a plastic cartridge.

Sometimes patent dates are a help, but they give you the front end of the date scale, and not always too exactly. Some razor makers put serial numbers on their razors, but we don’t always have the key to how the serial numbers fit to dates of manufacture. Gillette is one manufacturer for whom we have information on serial numbers and later date of manufacture codes that we can link to time.

Razor Serial Numbers were impressed on all Gillette razors from until , and on deluxe models from until except for a period in This corresponds to the time King Gillette was directly associated with the business, and may have been at his insistence. These serial numbers were on the top of the guard, or sometimes the inner barrel.

There were no razor serial numbers from until Razor Date Codes began in and used the same system blades had used since , a code that identified the year and calendar quarter of manufacture. These codes are found on the underside of the guard mechanism, or in cartridge razors, near the attachment mechanism for the blade. The blade system adopted in is still in use today, and was used on razors as well after All the coding systems are listed below.

Other makers included serial or manufacturing codes, but we do not have the keys. AutoStrop and Rolls are two well known manufacturers who serial numbered their razors. If you have the key to another manufacturer’s codes, please share this information with other collectors.

Gillette is introducing a razor featuring six blades and a swiveling ball hinge

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Basically, the question of whether to shave or not to shave depends entirely on whatever makes you feel comfortable. You will now receive updates from Daily Life Newsletter Daily Life Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

Gillette Razor Maker is an opportunity to create a razor that is not only unique to you, but is truly your own. The process starts with a design—a design that you come up with. You’ll be limited to designing only the handle; the blade portion is determined by Gillette (no blade razors!).

Here then are the different kinds of weapons you’ll need for a smooth, kissable mug! Yep, that is a shaving razor, a multi-blade razor to be exact a. We tell you this however: There are other types of shaving razors out there, and each of them has a unique characteristic and specialty. Ladies and scruffy gents, for your shaving knowledge, we teach you about the Different Kinds of Pang-Ahit.

Used by many hairy fellows, the conventional multi-blade razor is quite ubiquitous nowadays. Usually made using a mixture of stainless steel and plastic, they are durable enough to last you for several months. They also come in the classic T shape, composed of the handle and the shaving head. Speaking of the head, multi-blade razors have a removable cartridge that can be bought separately as a “refill.


Being fairly new to the international DE shaving community, I was somewhat timid about coming out as a member. I certainly craved acceptance, but exactly how was I going to go about earning the respect of my fellow members in the Badger and Blade community? Sweet Mother of Jesus, if only life were that simple and straightforward.

Here is what I posted this morning on the Badger and Blade website, line by line and word for word: With all due respect, I would like to share a certain viewpoint that some may strongly disagree with, but here goes: I think that fancy shaving bowls and skuttles are not only totally dispensable but should in fact be avoided at all costs.

Vintage Gillette TTO/Tech Travel Razor in Original Leather Case This razor is marked with the letter J and Gillette’s dating chart shows it to have been manufactured in either or

The famous green package with King C. This “banknote” design lasted until the depression. The New Gillette blade had a long slot instead of three holes. The rust-resistant oxidized Blue Blade was introduced in April of In the late ’30s the Thin Blade with a brown surface finish had a red wrapper that was missing the Gillette visage. The Super Blue blade came out in the late ’60s and KCG’s picture shrank to insignificance and then disappeared altogether.

Around Blue Blades began to be packaged in double-ended plastic dispensers. The blades were marked with arrows to indicate which way the blade was to be pushed to slide it from the dispenser. In the mid s competition from Wilkinson Sword of England forced Gille tte to go stainless. For a chart PDF file for decoding Gillette razor and blade date codes click here. He was 14 years younger than King Gillette but he obtained his first two safety razor U.

He was awarded the first patent for a safety razor that allowed stropping of the blade while it was still in the razor. By Gaisman had dozens of razor-related patents.

Gillette Date Codes

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This post was last modified: Despite that I think can write an honest appraisal of this family. It consists of these razors introduced in this order: If something weighs 63 grams it’ll show 65 grams. The Bullet Tip feels heavier to me, but that is either my imagination, the shape of the handle, or different weight distribution because of the handle shape. The bullet tip has basically a truncated cone as the shape of the TTO knob.

Throw out your razors: Armpit hair is back

Quick comments on head shaving and all things bald-by-choice. It consisted of 2 blades placed closely together in a plastic cartridge. Instead of changing the blade directly, shavers slid the cartridge onto the handle. Gillette advertised the Trac II pretty heavily. Check out this 2-page ad from LIFE magazine December 10, ; it features the slogan “It’s one blade better than whatever you’re using now. You can find other Gillette ads from the 70s at Archive.

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Early orders included Pocket Edition sets, some of which are still extant. The serial numbers for known Canadian razors are somewhat spotty and even contradictory. It appears that they sometimes used numbers alone and sometimes used “C” or “PC” as prefixes. While this data does not yet allow us to place a given razor in a given production year, we hope that one day it will.

To this end we try to classify each razor as closely as possible. Oddities We know of a “C ” with add-on diamond logo case. That razor might be early Canadian production, but if so the case is probably an interloper. There was a report of as an Old Type Big Fellow , possibly modified, no case: This seems like an anachronism, or it belongs to a different number series ca. Then we have BD , a Bull Dog with knurling reversed from handle shaft to knob , probably ca. In Canada the Montreal plant probably did the same.

Vintage Gillette Double Edge Razor Restore and Re-Plate 1941 Ranger Tech